Summer campers pick their favorite coaches (Team)

photo 1 Jonny was my coach of the week.- Gillian

My coach for the week is Joey Brander. -Gabs

Coach Megan. -Stella

Coach Jonny.- Mari

My favorite coach was Joey.He was nice and funny, and he made camp fun. Joey talked to everyone and tried to make friends with them. (But ended up scaring some of them). Joey is a great coach. All the coaches were great throughout the summer. – Jett

My favorite coach was Lindsey because she lets us come to her house, gives us free food and she’s very nice. – Alex

I vote for Joey, Johnny, and Lindsey. – Michelle

My favorite coaches were Johnny and Lindsey because they are so nice and encouraging. I always have fun with them. РJasmine

All the coaches were great but I have to go with Johnny because he’s always there for me. Love you Johnnnyyyy, I will miss you! – Jaden

My coach of the summer is Joey Brander. You are a very good coach and are pretty cool. Enjoy the gift card. – Chase

My coach of the week is all of the coaches (including Joey, Lindsey, Johnny, Scott, John, and Megan).

All of them made my summer one never to forget and they all helped to get my tennis skills to the next level. – Stone

I pick Joey Brander as my favorite coach. -Bryce

My favorite coach is Johnny. -Chantal (P.S. Johnny du bist der beste!)

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