Grace Place joins Scott Williams Tennis for Sports Camp (Serve)

IMG_2780             Team Play Grow Serve Return In 2013 some amazing things started to happen, almost 75 used racquets were donated to our Faithful Steward Program. This program collects and recycles old racquets,thanks to our friend (Jay Bosworth), medals, trophies, and tennis balls. We then had bibles donated from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the USTA Florida Section sent me to Denver for a community development course. Before I knew it, we had Lindsey Lawler volunteering from Ohio and Maria Velasco from Columbia.  We all knew that something special was about to happen but when and where? After meeting Elizabeth Coldron from Grace Place in October of this year, I knew we had the final piece in place. The boys from Grace Place joined us for two weeks of tennis and soccer as part of a first ever Summer sports camp for at risk boys and girls! The boys were amazing athletes, quick to learn, and extremely appreciative of the opportunity to be at Saint Andrew’s School. We celebrated our weeks together by having a pizza party, handing out Athlete Bibles, sharing the Roman road and seeing at least 8 of these young men invite Christ into their hearts. Thank you to our Match Point Ministry friends who provided funding, (FCA) Athlete Bibles and Saint Andrew’s School .

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