Coaches Summer Camp Stars Week 9 (Play & Grow)

Week 9 SUmmer CampersCoach Joey Brander: My player of the week was Olivia Smith. From the very first time she came to our camp she was a shining light and immediately made each day better for her fellow campers. However, it is not just her outgoing personality that makes her special, she is one of the most talented players in our camp and has the potential to be a star both on and off the court. We will miss Olivia next week but thank her for the impact she made while she was here!   Coach Lindsey Lawler: My player of the week was Savana Falls. The past few weeks of camp Savana has shown great sportsmanship and was a very fun loving athlete. She always had a good attitude during sets, games, and everything else. She has a wonderful personality! I’ve enjoyed helping her grow through tennis and in life. I hope to see her next year and will miss her when she is gone. I also wish her best of luck in future tournaments and in school.   Coach Megan Stuart: My player of the week was Stella Hartman. Throughout the week Stella was constantly a team player and encouraged other players around her to do their best. She always thought of those around her, for example, she brought snacks in twice for the group and was happy to share them with everybody. While she was always showing a positive attitude in making her tennis game even better. All around Stella was great on and off the court which is why I chose her as my player of the week. Coach Alex: My player of the week is Jett Sacks. Not only is he a great player, he always has a great attitude on and off the court. Whenever it is time to pick up the balls he always listens. He is always a great person to play with and I look forward to playing with him in the future. Coach John Mendoza: My player of the week was Jacob Hartman. Every time I look at Jacob, he is either having a great time or trying to figure out how to have a good time. He is a great listener, wonderful student and great camper. From the random happy birthday wishes to running his heart out in TTF, Jacob always adds great spirit and happiness to the camp. Every camper is wonderful! Don’t forget that! Congrats to Jacob for being camper of the week.

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