2016 National Inter-Sectional Team Championships (Team)


Congratulations to the 2016 “Team Florida”  aka YPITS!!! (Young Pros in Training) Unseeded finished 7th

Charlotte Owensby               Alexander Bernard

Jordan Ossa                            Logan Zapp

Sophia Fornaris                    Joshua Miller

Jaela Bandes                          Ramesh Kanishkh

You have been chosen because you are the best of the best! I look forward to sharing with you how a professional player would approach the same event over the 7 days that we are working together!

Here is what you can expect:

Day 1

I. Team Welcome
   a) Review Overall Team Objectives
   b) Create 2 Individual Teams
   c) Review Team  Competitive Rules and Rewards .
   d) Review Yellow Card/ Red Card Policy for Team Rule Infractions
       (Yellow Card is phone call to parents and sitting out of competition, Red Card is
         phone call to parents and suspension from the event).
2.  Inter Team Competition
    a)  Preparation Phase
          1.   Van Preparation
          2.  Professional Hotel Room Preparation and Inspection
          3.  Dynamic Warm Ups
          4.  Bag Checks ( Freshly Strung Racquets, Grips, waters etc.)
          5.  Pre match practice intensity/ cool down, and quieting the mind by putting the cell phones away and relaxing in rooms.
          * Team winning 3 of 5 categories is rewarded.
     b)  Competitive Phase
          1.  On time to breakfast
          2.  Team spirit before match
          3.  Team Warm Up
          4.  Over all team support of one another at event.
          5.  Execution of team plays in competition.
       * Team winning 3 of 5 categories is rewarded
     c)  Post Competitive Phase
          1. Post match practice with intensity (if necessary)
          2. Post match cool down and Journal Entries
          3. Team Recreational Events ( Costume Contest, Pool Competition,or Team Music Videos).
          4. Pre Team Match Input on Line Up and Analysis of upcoming opponents
          5. Early to bed and proper hydration.
       * Team winning 3 of 5 categories is rewarded.
Coach has a tradition dating back to 1993 that if a team or player medals or reaches the finals of any International, National, or State Championship, that I will reward the team or individuals with a special trip (Universal Studio, MGM, or Water Parks) to celebrate.
This year with Clay Courts so close we will have to schedule a special event should it be earned after the busy Summer Season!
Here are some previous Team Florida (YPIT) Champions
IMG_3411 Pictured with our rivals and friends from Southern California!
2015  Team Florida (Seeded 8th-Finished as Bronze Medalists)
Angelica Blake         Carlos Garcia
Nikki Redlijk            Spencer Gray
Kiana Rizzolo          Alejandro Quiros
Rosie Dickson         Charlie Grande
2014 Team Florida (Seeded 5th- Finished 5th)
Alana Wolfberg                    Michael Heller
Nicole Conard                      Christian Alshon
Whitney Osuigwe                Daniel Gale
Sophia Edwards                   Lorenzo Guidi

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