USTA Early Development Camps (Play)



Week 9 SUmmer Campers


Dear Champion Families,

I am pleased to announce that Region 6 will host 4 USTA Early Development Camps.

The first will be held on Saturday, April 25 , the second on Sunday, on May 17  , the third

one on Sunday June 21st.  USTA Early Development Camps are one day, local training

opportunities for players 8, 9 years old. Play is on the 60′ court with the orange ball.

These camps are in coordination with USTA Player Development and the Team USA

pathway. Each camp includes a coach’s training and education session followed by a 4

hour on court curriculum for the 10 & under player. In addition there is an interactive

parent education session. A sample agenda and fact sheet is attached for your review.

I am reaching out to all of you as 10 & Under coaches for recommendations of players

that would benefit from this training opportunity. Players invited are requested to attend

both camps as it is a progressive development program.

Player criteria includes:

– Aged 8, 9 years old

– 7 year olds may be considered

–  Ability to serve, rally, score independently on orange court and have demonstrated

significant interest in tennis

– Participation in local play opportunities

– Play Days, Team Tennis, non-sanctioned and/or sanctioned tournaments

– “Coachable” attitude

– Ability to do “live ball” drills, activities

– Strong athletic skills

The USTA Early

Development Camp program themes are as follows:

Camp #1 (April 25th) Indian Spring Country Club (Boynton Beach)

The Expert Rallyer:
Learning and Respecting the Game/Why 10 & Under?/ Linking

Athletic Development to the Technical Development of the Groundstrokes

Camp #2 (May 17) Boca Swim and Racquet (Boca Raton)

The Solid Server and Ridiculous Returner:

What does it Mean to Compete?/The Importance of the Role of the Parent and Coach/

Linking Athletic Development and the Technical Development of the Serve and


Camp #3 (June 21st):  Patch Reef Park  (Boca Raton)

The Net Dominator:
What are the Mechanics of Being a Competitor?/Introduction to

Training & Competition/Linking Athletic Development to the Transition Game

Camp #4 (Date: TBD)

The All Court Player:
Preparing for the Next Court/Moving to the Next Court and the

Potential Challenges/Linking Athletic Development to the All Court Player