Playing on a team when competing in an individual sport has so many benefits starting with:

  • Making new friends
  • Having quality training partners
  • More affordable coaching
  • Travels expenses are also reduced
  • You can learn from what the entire team is experiencing

It is for all these reasons that being part of a team makes all the difference and why for over the last 30 years I have heard that the “Team Experiences” are always the best. As we continue to learn how to navigate through the Covid Pandemic, I will be picking 2 tournaments in the Open Division, 18’s, 16’s, and 14’s Division to train and travel together as a team. Team selection will be based on your work ethic, talent, and passion for the game of tennis.

I will select 4 Boy’s and 4 Girl’s for each event. You may apply for more than one team.

Scott's Champions Tennis Team

  • I would like to be considered as a team member for Scott's Champion Tennis Team.
  • I would like to room with:
  • This is the best number for me to receive text messages on:
  • My son or daughter has the following medical issues: