Logan Zapp Player of the Year (Return)

It was a great honor to recognize Logan Zapp as the 2018 Florida Player of the Year at the USTA National Campus.

Logan Zapp had a year that would have even impressed Alex Zverev who didn’t have a bad year himself last year.

Here are just a few key points that I highlighted that make this young man very unique.

National Level 3 Winner in Sanlando Park

National Doubles Winner (Without dropping a set)

National Clay Court Singles & Doubles Winner in Delray Beach

Finalist National Level 3

National Level 2 Doubles Winner

Level 3 Doubles Spring Challenge at the National Campus

PIM OPEN National L 3 Winner

Finalist Van Der Meer Southern Spring National

Florida Level 4 Winner National Campus

125-36=161 matches


We are here to celebrate Logan Zapp and his team as Player of the Year.

• Logan would definitely preferred having this award mailed to him.
• Mom & Dad congratulations to you both on raising a fine son.
• Proverbs 27 vs 2 that says: “Let another man praise you and not your own mouth; A stranger, and not your own lips.”

While not a complete stranger, my first experience with Logan was:

14’s Inter Sectionals in Auburn Alabama. Here are a few things that I remember.

• My boy’s were always on time- girl’s not so much. lol
• 14 hour van ride
• Great facilities
• The team supported one another well
• Tough Competition
• Logan playing doubles (You’ve got this)

What I learned about Logan: A quiet gentleman, a team player, great sense of humor, liked ice cream, easy to get along with. Could see the opportunities on the court and take advantage of them.

What I learned about his Team: Dad was willing to drive 3 hours to drop Logan off and pick him up taking time off of work to do so. Asked questions about helping Logan to improve.

Diversity Camp in Gainesville.

• Logan signed up for match play and to experience what a Diversity Camp was.
• A recently graduated College Player was working the camp as a Coach and expressed that he would take it easy on Logan in set play. What a valuable lesson that young Coach learned when losing to Logan.

What I learned about Logan: He was open to improving his game. Some of his closest friends were tennis players, He was up for any level of competition and enjoyed taking on all challengers.

16’s Inter Sectional Team

What I remember about Shreveport, Louisiana

• No UBERs in Shreveport
• Inclement weather made getting there really tough as flights were cancelled.
• Logan had just won the Bobby Curtis Florida State Championships but was my alternate because of his National Ranking.
• Logan’s athleticism translated well into mini golf, pop a shot, and go carting. Air Hockey not so much.

Here is what I learned about Logan. He arrived during the player opening party and went straight out to practice. He never complained when he didn’t play singles the first two matches. Once again he didn’t lose in doubles. When I did put him in on our toughest matches he came through.

Here is what I learned about his team. Upon getting to the airport and learning that the flight had been cancelled his DAD (Mark) not wanting to let the team down purchased another ticket at the full price. I never received a call from Logan’s parents reminding me of how good he was and why didn’t I put him in for singles the first two matches etc.

18’s Inter Sectional Team

Our 18’s Inter Sectional Coach Robert Gomez said:
• Playing up in the 18’s and at the number 1 position was not easy.
• Logan found a way to win
• Logan clinched the deciding 10 pt tie break playing with an alternate drawn out of the hat from his team.

Here is what I know about Logan

• He impresses me!
• He is smart, funny, and fun to be around.
• He is a Champion on and off the court
• He puts others before himself when on a team
• His best tennis is yet to come!!!

So Logan would you please take this great honor and make it your first post for your 510 followers on Instagram? You earned it and they need to know.