Jasmine Williams and Alyssa Perdomo make school history! (Play)

Jasmine Williams 2020 and Alyssa Perdomo 2023 won the Florida State 1A Individual State Doubles Championships in Orlando Florida. The girls seeded number 2 defeated Laura Perazzolo da Silveira and Paradise Traub from St Stevens 6-2,6-3 in the finals. This marks the first time in The King’s Academy history that they have ever won a Florida State Tennis title.

Round of 16  1 Laura Perazzolo da Silveira (1)St.Stevens, FLparadise traub (1)St.Stevens, FL 2 Bye  3 Ashley Cousins Benjamin, FLKiersten Malmberg Benjamin, FL 4 Bye  5 Vian Baltimore Carrolwood, FLSarah Schoellhorn Carrolwood, FL 6 Bye  7 Stella Hyatt St.Johns CountryDay, FLDelaney Payton St.Johns Country Day, FL 8 Kali Cafaro Westminster, FLKatharine Calvet Westminster, FL  9 Courtney Ingersoll Cornerstone, FLJade White Cornerstone, FL 10 Bye  11 Bye 12 Emily Macri Maclay, FLMadison Perkins Maclay, FL  13 Anna Diaz Canterbury, FLEmily Javedan Canterbury, FL 14 Allexii Bassette Miami Country Day, FLGabrielle Bassette Miami Country Day, FL  15 Bye 16 Alyssa Perdomo (2)Kings Academy, FLJasmine Williams (2)Kings Academy, FL Quarterfinals       Perazzolo da Silveiratraub(1)     CousinsMalmberg       BaltimoreSchoellhorn     CafaroCalvet6-3; 6-0       IngersollWhite     MacriPerkins       DiazJavedan6-3; 6-1     PerdomoWilliams(2)Semifinals           Perazzolo da Silveiratraub(1)6-1; 6-2           CafaroCalvet6-3; 6-2             MacriPerkins6-1; 6-0           PerdomoWilliams(2)6-4; 7-5Finals                  Perazzolo da Silveiratraub(1)6-3; 6-0                       PerdomoWilliams(2)6-2; 6-2                               PerdomoWilliams(2)6-2; 6-3